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Even though the first day of summer is quickly approacing, you still have time to do some spring cleaning! Regular maintenance of outdoor lighting is more important than you may think. Unlike the blossoming trees and flowering plants around your landscape, light fixtures do not simply regenerate back to full health. Similar to oil changes for your car, landscape lighting systems require regular upkeep to ensure that everything is working at full capacity.

When you have some time, try doing a walk-through of your property and check for anything out of the ordinary. Bulbs burn out over time and may even break due to unforeseen factors, such as snow plows. Seasonal changes (i.e. snow buildup, soil heaving, etc.) can shift the position of light fixtures so that they are not illuminating in the proper direction. Various animals, like rabbits or mice, may have even burrowed holes near your light fixtures and damaged the underground wiring in search of shelter from the cold winter.

Some of these issues may be simple enough for you to fix yourself, however Erickson Outdoor Lighting is more than happy to make a visit to your residence to assist with the more complex maintenance issues that may arise. We also offer an Annual 10-Point Inspection Plan that takes all the hassle off of you and maximizes the effectiveness of your outdoor lighting system. We can recommend various service plans to fit your personal needs and the size of your lighting system!

Call us at 952-474-4536 to sign up for our Annual 10-Point Inspection Plan, or to schedule an appointment for an unexpected maintenance issue. You will see the difference with Erickson Outdoor Lighting!



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