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Is It Time to Make the Switch to LED?

There are many misconceptions about LED lighting that tend to prevent people from making the switch. The fact of the matter is that LED lighting has improved tremendously over the past decade and has truly evolved into the best lighting technology.

In the past, LED lighting would only emit a very cold, blue-tinged color of light. While there are certain spaces that benefit from this lighting, it was overall a very unwelcoming type of light. Few people want to flood their home with this light, which is why LED bulbs now offer a wide range of color temperatures (measured in kelvin). Higher color temperatures of 5000K result in cold, blueish lighting while lower color temperature values of 2700-3000K create warm, yellow-tinted lighting. For reference, incandescent bulbs average a color temperature of around 2700K, halogen bulbs average 3100K, and natural daylight averages 5000K; LED bulbs today can be designed with color temperatures anywhere from 1900K-5000K.

Another false assumption about LED lighting is that they’re too expensive and won’t provide any savings until decades down the line. Similar to how the technology of LED lighting has evolved over the years, so have the manufacturing practices. This has ultimately lowered the upfront costs of LED bulbs drastically and allows homeowners to make back their investments within just a year or two (and sometimes even sooner). User’s of LED will notice an immediate impact when they see how low their electric bill has sunk.

The benefits of LED lighting don’t end there; LED bulbs give off an extremely low amount of heat. LED lighting creates about half the amount of heat that an incandescent or halogen bulb of equivalent brightness would. In turn, this decrease in emitted heat could ensure the long-term safety of the objects that are being lit. Too much heat can quickly kill off trees and plantings, and can even begin to fade the colors of walls or columns.

Call Erickson Outdoor Lighting today at (952) 474-4536 to schedule a time when one of our lighting designers can meet you at your property and discuss how you could make the transition to LED lighting!

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