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  • Scott Erickson

Illuminating the Desert Skies


2023 is here, and that means part of our Erickson Outdoor Lighting team is heading down to Arizona for the rest of winter! We are blessed to have a large client base in the North Scottsdale and Tucson area, so each winter we always send some of our team down to service and add onto existing lighting systems, as well as do a few new installations.

Due to our longstanding history with our Arizona clients, our trained technicians are well-versed in the intricacies of desert landscapes. The type of path light fixture you would use in Minnesota is much different than what you would use in Arizona, trees and cacti in the southwest require different lighting techniques, etc. This knowledge and experience is what can turn decent landscape lighting into something breathtaking. You will see the difference with Erickson Outdoor Lighting!

Even if you already have a landscape lighting system in Arizona, landscapes can change very quickly. To accommodate for vegetation growth and other changes, we recommend at least one service call a year to help your lights grow with your landscape. Additions onto existing systems can also be needed if you've done any major landscape re-designing recently, and various fixture and bulb upgrades can ensure that your system is working as efficiently as possible.


Let us know if your Arizona home's lighting is in need of any servicing, upgrades, or additions! Please tell your friends and family that we do still have openings for new landscape lighting installs as well. Nothing makes us happier than bring light to people's lives!

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