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Home Automation

In today’s day-and-age everyone has an unbelievable amount of power at their fingertips. Thanks to the rise of smartphones and tablets, homeowners can adjust their thermostats, lock doors, and fine-tune their entertainment system all without leaving their seat. Nearly every single feature of a home is controllable by a smartphone; and now your outdoor lighting system can be as well!

Our team of designers and technicians at Erickson Outdoor Lighting are trained to install and integrate a variety of high-quality lighting control systems into your home. These systems give homeowners complete control over their outdoor lighting and allow them to further customize the appearance of their property to suit specific uses. Many people will initially write these control systems off as unnecessary technology, since astronomical timers or photocells already regulate their outdoor lighting just fine without any hassle. So why would they want to change a system that’s already working fine? Simple: because sometimes ‘fine’ is not good enough. Sometimes we require the best of the best, especially when it comes to our homes.

The main benefit that outdoor lighting control systems offer is the ability to create custom scenes within your landscape. By zoning out specific groups of lights and wiring them together during the installation, it allows the homeowner to choose which groups of lights they want on and what exact time they want those specific lights on. Once this is set, the homeowner can save that scene within an app on their mobile device, and then at the click of a button they can activate that scene whenever they please. This can be especially useful for people who entertain or have gatherings at their homes frequently because it allows them to customize their lighting for how they intend to use their landscape. If a homeowner is having a small family gathering then maybe they would only want the patio lighting on to create an intimate atmosphere. Now say that same person was hosting a block party; they may choose to turn on their whole lighting system for increased visibility. Or maybe they aren’t having any guests over and the homeowner only wants the necessary security lighting on in the front yard. With a high quality lighting control system homeowners can control all of this and everything in between.

If you would be interested in a home control system for your outdoor lighting or if you just want to learn more about what we can offer you, don’t hesitate to call us at 952-474-4536 for a free design consultation! You will see the difference with Erickson Outdoor Lighting.

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