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Curb Appeal

Every homeowner knows about curb appeal. Every homeowner wants curb appeal. But how exactly do homeowners achieve it? This is often where people get stumped and don't know how exactly to move forward without dumping large amounts of money and time into it. What many homeowners don't realize is that professional outdoor lighting can be a very cost-effective and minimally-intrusive way to improve a homes curb appeal.

There's a multitude of ways to improve curb appeal with landscape lighting, most of which will depend on your specific property. If your house is set far back on your property with a long driveway, it's very effective to use a combination of uplights and downlights. Uplights focused on key landscape features can make for a stunning scene that really separates your property from the dark roadway. Downlights will then provide a soft backdrop for those uplights (making their lighting effect appear more natural), while also providing some added safety by illuminating the driveway.

While this lighting method can provide some very dramatic curb appeal, we realize that not everyone wants to have that much lighting facing the street. Sometimes a homeowner may be looking for more functional curbside lighting, or they may simply not have enough landscape features in their front yard to make this lighting method look good. A common solution to this is to use a couple of low-profile flood lights to accent one minor feature right at the curb. Sometimes this is a custom mailbox, sometimes it can be an address sign on a retaining wall, and it can even be something as simple as a large boulder that the homeowner really loves. Whatever that one architectural- or landscape- feature may be, we guarantee that we can light it and make it stand out even more.

So what can people do if there home is not set far back on their property and the driveway is not the focal point of the curbside view? This is where we would probably recommend a more comprehensive lighting plan for the whole front yard. washing the front of the house with flood lights, safely illuminating major walkways with pathlights, and picking out a couple of key landscape features to accentuate with uplights can really do wonders to a homes curb appeal.

If you are looking to add curb-side value to your home then set up a free design consultation with us today at 952-474-4536. No matter the location, we will come to you and find the perfect lighting for your home. You will see the difference with Erickson Outdoor Lighting!

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