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"A singular focus on high performance outdoor landscape lighting allows Erickson Outdoor Lighting to be creative as well as detail oriented.

"If there isn't a good way to light something, I won't light it. I want to do it right and make the landscape lighting look natural," - Scott Erickson


Professional Outdoor Lighting

Scott Erickson and his team have a reputation for being responsive, personal, and professional in the designing, installation, and servicing of lighting systems. As a local, family-owned company, Erickson Outdoor Lighting offers homeowners options for staged installation, making high quality lighting more affordable. Their excellent reputation and flexibility contribute to the fact that over 90% of their business comes from repeat customers and referrals.

Based in Minnesota's Twin Cities, Erickson Outdoor Lighting also has a strong presence in northern Wisconsin and Scottsdale, Arizona. Upon request, they design and install breathtaking projects across the country. Outdoor lighting expert Scott Erickson has completed thousands of projects across 10 states since 1997. His background in the electrical field enables him to move with ease from one property to the next, avoiding costly issues that might otherwise go undetected.


Greg & Jane G.

“Scott designed and installed outdoor lighting for our Lake Minnetonka home 10 years ago when it was built. We have had Erickson Outdoor Lighting service our lighting every year since.

“Three years ago, we completed our second home in Scottsdale, Arizona. The landscape company included a lighting package, and it was clear upon completion that they were great at landscaping but not lighting. We called Scott a year later, and within a few weeks, our outside entertainment areas looked incredible! He was able to create a warm atmosphere that flowed throughout the property. Our lighting is subtle and unobtrusive, yet enjoyable for entertaining year round. An excellent completion to our Tuscan desert home.

Jo A.

“Dan and I want to thank you for another job well done. Lighting is so important to us, and seeing what you can 'create' with lighting is amazing. Our homes in Wayzata and Scottsdale had landscape lighting that was only a couple of years old. Not only was it a maintenance nightmare with bulbs constantly needing replacement, but it also fell short on really highlighting the landscape that we spend so much time and money on.


“We were so happy with what you did for us in Wayzata last year that we were thrilled that you were also working in Scottsdale this winter. We love, love, love, what you did and how you worked with our landscape in our courtyards, around our pool, and by the boulders around our home.

Stacey & Bob G.

"Scott's keen sense of design makes our home and backyard come to life at night. We enjoy seeing the special details on our home light up with the various layers of lighting, as well as the gardens and pathways that softly glow. Whether we're enjoying the beautiful scenes the lighting creates from inside our home or sitting outside in awe of the beautiful lighting details, this has greatly enhanced the value of our home.


"We appreciate working with Erickson Outdoor Lighting these past eight years on our new home and previous home. Their professionalism, integrity, and expertise make them a standout in the industry. We look forward to referring Erickson to all and wish them continued success.

Andreas & Jeanine S.

“We were in the initial stages of a large patio project for our Eden Prairie home and needed some ideas on how to plan for lighting design and installation. Erickson Outdoor Lighting was recommended to us by Hedberg Landscapes, and now we understand why. Their prompt reply to our needs was most gracious. It was obvious from the very beginning, both over the phone and in person, that it isn't the almighty dollar that drives this business — it is the genuine concern that the customer finds great value, design, and beauty from the work and ideas their expertise brings.

Sue S.

“Our home is quiet and subtle and didn't need to be lit up like a movie theater. We were looking for soft, subtle, unobtrusive lighting to enhance our walk, a few trees and wall on our lakeshore property. Scott had just the right fixtures and ideas. We liked his work so much that we had him do the exterior lighting for our house in Arizona where most homes are low to the desert landscape. Scott had fixtures that no other Arizona lighting contractors had ever seen. They worked beautifully!

Dennis T.

“I want to thank you for your prompt attention, always, and for the creativity your company has provided over the years at my place in Sunfish Lake. After 9 p.m., my yard is a fantastic place, thanks to you. I appreciate everything you do!”

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